What patients have to say

"Best dentist I have ever been to! David Tobias and his team are the best! They helped me and my husband immensely! Will be going there for a long time!"
–Crystal C.
"Highly recommend David Tobias Dental! They did an awesome job of getting me in promptly for a root canal/crown placement and they do a fantastic job to keep you informed and as confortable as you can possibly be at the dentist. All of the staff is very friendly including Dr. Tobias!"
–Christina C.
"It was by far the best experience i have ever had at the dentist.David is the best dentist ive ever delt with,the staff is the nicest people,i would deffinently recommended anyone to try davids dental office. Thank you guys gor making me feel so important."
–Mike G.
"Awesome attentiveness. Everyone is so welcoming and kind. Dr. Tobias knows his profession well. Highly recommend and will be switching over my whole family from my current dentist."
–Brandon O.
"I absolutely trust and respect David Tobias and crew. His office is wonderful. Definitely check him out!! They always do a fantastic job and really care about you."
–Lisa C.


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Finding Dr. Tobias after having less than stellar service from my former dentist was serendipitous.  He is a cure for that funny feeling you get about dental practices in general.  Dr. Tobias treats me like a person - not just a mouth.  He carefully explains what he is doing, pauses for questions and injects gentle humor - not just freezing fluids.  I feel I am part of a  team. The work, the final result, by Dr. Tobias is absolutely meticulous.  The entire staff at Lynnwood Smiles is warm and welcoming. One little thing I appreciate, among many, is that I do not overhear private consultations or questions of financing.  If you are looking for a change, this is the place to come.  -BM

I have been a patient of Dr. Tobias since 2007. I am so happy to have found a top professional who takes tremendous pride in all that he does. I was someone who had not previously enjoyed going to the dentist and am now thrilled to be in the hands of such a competent and compassionate perfectionist. The staff at Lynnwood Smiles are absolutely wonderful and always make me feel comfortable. -Mat

Dr. Tobias is the new owner of the Lynnwood Smiles dental practice located in Lynnwood, Wa. We met Dr. Tobias when he joined our previous dentist's practice several years ago.  We've had excellent, thorough, care from him over the years, in the areas of both cosmetic and general dentistry.  Initially, only the adults in our family were patients of his. Our children were seeing a pediatric dentist.  However, when our 9 year old son fell and broke both adult front teeth, Dr. Tobias was the obvious choice to handle the repair work.  He was the obvious choice not only because of  his training and skill set, but also because of his calm, caring demeanor.  He put our son at ease, and did everything possible to make him comfortable during a fairly long and involved procedure.  The results are outstanding!  Our son has refused to return to the pediatric dental practice and our daughter quickly followed in his footsteps. Both now see Dr. Tobias.  It's great to see our children looking forward to a dental appointment!  I recognize that the Doctor is only part of the equation; dental assistants and office staff are equally important.  I can attest to the fact that the dental assistants and office staff exhibit the same professionalism and genuine concern for the patients as Dr. Tobias. -P.S.

I went to Lynnwood Smiles today for a cleaning. The moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed by the front desk ladies Jayne and Jaclyn. I had a cleaning by Danielle. Not only did I just get a cleaning but an Oral Cancer Screening with a new tool called the Velscope, which after being explained the importance of the screening and the high percentage of Oral Cancer in the country I was shocked I hadnt had this done before. I was very impressed with her proffessionalism and her efficent work. It was hands down the best cleaning I have EVER had. My teeth feel great. She was also very kind and knowledgeable. They have digital X-rays which is very important to me. Usually when I get x-rays taken they hurt but the assistant Brie made sure it was very comfortable for me. She was great. Then I met Dr. Tobias he was AWESOME. He really seemed to care about me and wanted to get to know me. He has a great sense of humor and really makes the experience very pleasant.   Overall I rate Lynnwood Smiles and A+ I will definatley tell all my friends and family to see the great Dentist and Team at Lynnwood Smiles.
Big Thanks! -Damir

I could not have written this review about Lynnwood Smiles a year ago, but after my experience last week I felt it was absolutely necessary to give them the credit they deserve.   I had been a long-time patient of the previous dentist at Lynnwood Smiles and always dreaded going for my visits. But this visit was different!!! The practice was sold and there is a new doctor there.  Dr. David Tobias has been the new owner since last December.  I cannot believe how great he and everyone he has working for him are.  They go out of their way to make sure you feel like you are the most important patient in the practice.  He and his assistant explained everything to me and reviewed my options and the risks and benefits of the options. I never felt pushed one way or the other, but I did feel involved in making the decisions for the work I needed to have done.  I would recommend this office without hesitation.  I feel like passing out flyers when I leave the office telling people how great the experience is and how they should go there too. -Christal

I had a lot of fear of the dentist because of a past bad experience where I had experienced alot of pain. Dr Tobias and his staff made me feel so comfortable. I went in a couple weeks ago and Dr Tobias wanted to pull the tooth right then but I was still too scared and wanted to be put to sleep for the extraction. They were accomidating in referring me to an oral surgeon and I was gonna wait till the first of September when my insurance kicked in. Last night I was in so much pain again I decided I would get it pulled today. I called this morning and they scheduled me for 2pm. I went in and the tech Elise was friendly and reassuring. I have had problems being numbed in the past but Dr Tobias got me so numb I didn't feel a thing. I had not gone to the dentist in five years but now I feel I have found a dentist that is empathetic and understanding and I will definitely return here. I would recommend Dr Tobias for anyone who has fear of the dentist, he is accomidating, understanding and a very nice dentist. He has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced with a dentist and I will recommend him to all my friends and family and I intend to take my daughter there for now on. Thanks Lynnwood Smiles and especially Elise and Dr Tobias, YOU ROCK!! -Dominic

I just went for my first visit to this place, and I love it!  Everyone is super helfpul, and nice, and makes the whole process (which I absolutely detested, and dreaded prior to coming here) so easy, and actually enjoyed it!  They really did make me smile :) -Juanita J.

While driving home from my appointment yesterday, I began to think about the difference of your office help vs. so many others.  Driving with a grateful heart that each of you operate in such a personal way - helping each of your patients to feel welcomed with such kindness and caring conern.  What an incredible blessing for each patient as this seems so rare these days in too many other dental operations.  May you be blessed and encouraged in your daily work that you continue to touch lives in such key and important ways.  You are deeply loved and appreciated!  -M&G K.

Thank you all for the many great things you have done for me.  Words fail to express my appreciation.  -NB

My treatment at my appointment went well. I have sensitivity to dental work and the anethstesia doesn't seem to numb me completely. I explained this before the work. Dr. Tobias started working on me and saw some discomfort in my body and numbed me a little more[without me prompting], before continuing on. I greatly appreciated it. One of the areas worked on was a front tooth with a chip in it. It was filled and the color matching is perfect! I will continue to come to his office and reccommend him to all of the people I know. Being treated responsibly with care and compassion are the greatest priorities to me. Dr. Tobias and his staff succeed in this area. He operates a 5 star practice. -AL

Dr. Tobias and all his staff are SO NICE.  VERY prompt, warm, personal and professional service. Lobby and office are so very clean, inviting, cheerful, up to date.  Individually fresh brewed hot coffee and tea, wonderful magazines.  Plenty of easy parking.  It is a pleasure coming here for outstanding dentistry and kind, warm customer service.  -VD